We are the only New Zealand manufacturer of hand and footprints cast into slumped glass. Our studio offers a choice of clay imprints or plaster of Paris casts. This can make it really tough to get their little hands flat when making prints. Parties - we host numerous children and adult ceramic parties which include birthdays, hen doos and get-togethers.

Take a few minutes to practice pressing your baby's foot on to a blank piece of paper. It is also worthwhile calling to book ahead for clay imprints, so that we can have the clay prepared for you. Www.온드림.Kr New born baby's fingerprints cant be clearly captured , palm print recognition is not suitable for new born baby's yet since it is often difficult to let a newborn open his hand.

Your baby's prints can also be reduced and stamped into silver jewellery to wear as charms or cufflinks and in the studio for more details about our silver jewellery options. Choose from a wide range of pieces to place your baby's prints on. We specialise in capturing your little one's hand and footprints in paint or clay to make perfect keepsakes.

Teddy bears are a popular baby gift and they are often loved by the child for many years to come. Then, with a pair of scissors, crop around the footprints so they are free with no border around them. You could also paste a photograph of your baby on the baby footprint poem.

Using special ceramic ink, we'll help you put your child's footprints and handprints onto beautiful pottery such as mugs, picture frames, and tiles. PREMIUM QUALITY - We use only 100% glass cover, to ensure that your Baby Keepsake Photo Frame looks as good as new even after many years later.
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