Proper hand washing may be the single most important thing we can do to prevent the spread of MRSA, as well as cold and flu virii and other infectious diseases, and to prevent antibiotic resistance. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap. Some people continue to question that something as simple as washing your hands could have a significant effect in the context of an epidemic. Wet your hands with running water, turn off the tap, and then apply an adequate amount of soap to your hands.

With that, we wave goodbye and wish you clean, healthy and happy hands. Additionally, since the rhinoviruses can live for several hours on surfaces, recommendations for preventing common cold spread include cleaning phones, stair rails, door knobs and other areas that people touch frequently with a disinfectant.

But if you've found that your anxiety over this pandemic is getting worse and worse—between the NBA suspending its season, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson testing positive for coronavirus , and heartbreaking stories of nursing homes —might we suggest trying the viral "Wash Your Lyrics" meme that matches up song lyrics with a hand-washing infographic to make practicing safe hygiene actually bring a smile to your face.

As a result, the best and most consistent way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus - and reducing your risk of contracting it - remains washing your hands with soap and water as a first choice, and avoiding touching your face as much as possible.

The reason is that water acts like a magnet and it will attract water out from the deepest layers of the skin and evaporate into the dry air. Rinse your hands with running water. Dry your hands properly. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can actually kill certain types of germs - but not all germs - and in those cases, you need to use soap and water.

But you can't just splash some water on your hands and call it a day. Washing our hands helps us return to ourselves by washing away what does not serve. This article will show you how to fulfil these 7 steps of hand washing, so you can protect people in your premises from coming to harm.
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