id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Enlarge ImageIf rumors are true, these big, brutish vehicles may be completely reimagined as all-electric models.

GM/Roadshow Last June it was reported General Motors could be resurrecting its discontinued tour trung quoc Hummer brand. Best known for its imposingly styled and frightfully inefficient vehicles, this pickup-and-SUV-focused division was discontinued in 2010 as part of the automaker's bankruptcy.

According to a report from Reuters Friday, GM could invest some $3 billion in its Detroit-Hamtramck manufacturing plant to support the development and production of electrified trucks and utility vehicles, potentially including a range of Hummer models. All this is likely contingent tour trung quốc giá rẻ on members of the United Auto Workers union ratifying the latest proposed contract with the automaker. At full tilt, this factory could deliver around 80,000 EVs per year, a pace it's expected to reach in 2024.

Hummer could be making a comeback as early as 2021, part of a larger GM family of electrified trucks and SUVs that the automaker has pledged to introduce. Internally, this development program is referred to as BT1, and it should support a broad range of vehicles.

Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, said GM has plans for at least two SUVs and two pickup trucks based on this electrified architecture. "In their own documentation they list three brands," he noted. This includes Cadillac, Chevrolet or GMC and a third mystery marque referred to simply as the M-Brand.

Fiorani said it's fairly certain the Cadillac offering will wear an Escalade badge, but the other models are still unknown. "It's assumed the Sierra brand will be on the GMC truck, but we have not seen that [officially]," he said. Since its name contains two M's, it makes sense that Hummer could be the third make. Roadshow asked GM for comment about this but has not yet heard back.

A low-volume electric truck is reportedly expected to go on sale in late 2021. A higher-performance variant is slated to arrive in the next year, followed in 2023 by an electric SUV. All these vehicles could be branded as Hummers. That same year, Cadillac's battery-operated utility vehicle is slated to go on sale, along with an electrified truck from GMC.
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