Do you love to go BBQ fishing charter, but want to find a better way to be sure you actually catch something when you do go? As we enter our 51st year, we remain committed to building the highest-quality, strongest-performing boats on the water, with acclaimed models and series in the bass, multi-species, fish ‘n' play, saltwater, waterfowl utility and pontoon boat segments.

It can also be used to describe boats in several sub-classes, such as expresses" (offshore boats that don't have a flybridge) or walk-arounds (boats with side decks going around a forward cabin) or even center consoles. The boat also features an aerated well for storing your catch until you get home.

Make sure you hose your boat down after a day out, especially in saltwater, and if you drop a lead sinker make sure you pick it up, as it's not great to leave any other metal in contact with aluminum, otherwise you don't need to do too much maintenance at all.

While aluminum boats have the downside of not feeling stable in the water due to their weight, the sleek design of fiberglass means that they're easy to maneuver and do feel stable. That is including your fishing gear, catch of the day and your snacks. Fish and ski boats are very similar to bowriders with a load of seating and the windshield protecting passengers from ocean spray.

Also, small boats are great for small rivers and they have some of the most overlooked opportunities in the country. Launched at the Melbourne International Boat Show in July, the Fish 360M is the first all-new Cruise Craft for several years, but it was worth the wait as the Fish 360M is a gorgeous boat with lots of fishing features.

Shore fishing certainly offers the sort of ease and convenience that lots of anglers enjoy but it's never going to appeal to those who enjoy covering a large fishing area and maximizing their catches. Some pontoon style bass inflatable boats can be difficult to set up and aren't very portable.
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