A floor jack is a tool you will most likely find in any garage as it is one of the essential things to have, no matter if you are a professional or rookie when it comes to repairing a car. These jacks use a hydraulic system to operate and can raise a vehicle very quickly. It is easy to use, robust and will lift the wheel of your car when the car is chocked and you need to change a tire or do other work. Aesthetics aren't essential for a floor jack, but we can't help but think this aluminum jack looks great.

The downside of the piston floor jack is that it has a high minimum lift range. Once you raise your car with your jack, place a pair of jack stands underneath the car and rest the car on them instead of relying on the hydraulic components of your jack. Comparing it to similar floor jacks with weight in close to 80 lbs, this one with aluminum weighs in at just under 60 lbs (which is impressive for 3-ton capacity).

For vehicles under 4,000 lbs, you'll find this jack to be perfect. Choose a floor jack with a lifting pad that's at least two inches in diameter. Its quick lifting, dual-cylinder hydraulic system comes equipped with a safety valve to avoid overloading. The dual pump pistons that the service jack has are for giving a car a quick rise.

The Grey Hydraulic Floor Jack by Pro-LifT, Model F-2332 is convenient to use and features an excellent built-in magnetic tool tray which allows you to place all small parts around the job just that, the floor jack also features a universal joint release mechanism which allows you to have excellent precision control of the load descent in any position of the handle.

With a height of about 5 inches, this will surely go easily under any low ground clearance especially the sports car types or like the BMW convertibles. The Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low-Profile Floor Jack has an extra low profile that's ideal for use with certain cars that have low profiles and similar limitations.

The Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum floor jack is capable of lifting 3 tons (or about 6,000 lbs). The extra-long chassis (32 inches) gives it an edge over other service jacks, and its double pump speeds up lifting. By swapping steel for aluminum, the overall weight of the jack is reduced, making it simpler to use and generally more convenient for people in your position.

Made of strong steel, and featuring a low profile design, it is suitable even for the lowest of cars. Choosing the best floor jack for lifted trucks sounds simple until you begin to search for the right one for your needs and the wide range of choices start to overwhelm you.
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