A floor jack is a hydraulically operated tool to lift a heavy car or truck with relative ease. Some auto parts shops may require you to have a credit or debit card through which you can leave a deposit on the floor jack. Liftmaster is a lovely and heavy-duty floor jack sold at an amazing price. Here the jack is as flat and close to the ground as possible so that it can reach under very flat vehicles.

Most employ hydraulic pressure to lift the car, although there are also those that operate on a screw-type mechanism. Once you have figured out where the proper jack points are on your vehicle you would then want to wheel your floor jack under your vehicle and position the lifting arm underneath your jack point.

Arcan floor jack is also another notable brand when it comes to floor jacks. Where most hydraulic floor jacks are too large to be conveniently kept in the average car, Torin's scissor jack is lightweight and compact. You have to know the answers to two questions so that you can determine how much height you require from your floor jack.

There are plenty of floor jacks on the market that are suitable for home use, but it can be hard to tell which brands are best - especially to the inexperienced eye. Versatile and easy to store, an auto floor jack doesn't have to be bolted to the floor when jacking up a vehicle.

A major problem with bottle jacks is that they can fail, so it is not advisable to crawl under a vehicle standing on them. The floor jack you decide on has to be able to support the weight of your car or truck. Like some of the other jacks on this list, it features a locking safety bar to hold the lift in place at its highest position.
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