Using a floor jack, you can carry out many tasks from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for the best of the best as far as floor jacks are concerned I would look at going with the Neiko Pro Aluminum Floor Jack. For regular maintenance on your car, it is important to keep a good floor jack in your garage and a smaller car jack inside your car.

A trolley jack is the absolute cornerstone of the gear you'll need in a garage or to go with a vehicle, it doesn't matter whether you need one in the boot for an eventual flat tyre, or you need quite a few because you're taking the plunge and opening a service garage for your own for business - you'll definitely require a trolley jack.

You may have noticed some of the floor jacks being named ‘two ton', ‘three ton', etc., this refers to the maximum weight that they can hold. There are numerous types of floor jacks available. You will even see combination jacks that are built using both steel and aluminum.

If you are in the supply industry, delivery, warehousing what you need is floor jacks. Due to their bottle design, they are highly secure jacks, which means you can only use them on trucks and other vehicles with similarly high headroom. It's so easy to use that you don't even have to be a mechanic or a car professional to lift it.

You'll find out here all the info you need to know about floor jacks and how to find the best garage jack for your needs. Its sturdy steel frame allows for loads up to 2 Tons to be stability lifted over 20 inches high. With its dual piston design allows for loads to lifted to maximum height(14-⅛ inches) in as little as 3-½ pumps.
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