There are some repairs and maintenance items that can only be done from underneath a vehicle. The heart of a floor jack is its hydraulic cylinder. Despite it being so capable, it features a lightweight aluminum frame and weighs just 58 lbs. There are usually two kinds of garage floor jacks. 6. Built for tough daily use in garages and industrial workshops 7. Perfect for SUV's, off-road vehicles, construction jobs, framing and floor joint work SAFETY This product is certified by TUV Germany.

Jacks are designed to help you lift your car quickly, but be sure to follow safe operating procedure. Designed in a bottle jack style, the Alltrade 3 Ton All in One Bottle Jack lifts vertically rather than using the more standard horizontal lever mechanism to raise your vehicle.

This floor jack is a bit to the heavy side also. This floor jack comes with a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds which is great. Designed specifically for light-duty trucks and cars, the Performance Tool low profile floor jack can easily raise vehicles up to 20.5 inches.

If you're going to be lifting more than one vehicle, you need to take into account the heaviest of your load when choosing a floor jack. They can lift most cars and trucks safely that fall within their weight specifications and have wheels making them easy to maneuver.

A major problem with bottle jacks is that they can fail, so it is not advisable to crawl under a vehicle standing on them. The floor jack you decide on has to be able to support the weight of your car or truck. Like some of the other jacks on this list, it features a locking safety bar to hold the lift in place at its highest position.
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