UNIVERSAL LOVE is used in three different ways. We need only to break out of the grip of our thoughts and sensations and then we will break out of identifying ourselves as our individual consciousness and realize that in fact we are nothing other than Absolute Brahman. Pray that the true God will reveal Himself to this community and use Brahmans to preach and teach about Jesus Christ.

People who lead a disciplined life, doing good to others, following rituals proceed on to Swarga loka, and people who focus on upasanas, Japas and Yajnas but not attained jnana take the path to Brahma loka, where they have a chance to attain moksha after gaining Self knowledge.

Brahmans, on the other hand, show little effect from temperatures up to and beyond 105° F. Although heat tolerance is only one factor in environmental adaptation of cattle, it is considered the most important. Affected Brahman cattle grow poorly and have muscular weakness and neurologic disease.

Brahman is the origin and end of all things, material and spiritual. Hence the group of Brahmans felt that Ᾱśvalāyana was capable of debating with the Buddha on that topic and helped him get ready. The teaching of Advaita Vedanta is that through meditation, we can merge our individual consciousness in this Consciousness of Brahman.

A very important difference in the possession of knowledge by the body-mind equipment vs. the possession of knowledge by the 'Self' is that the mind-body undergoes a modification by taking the form of the object as it comes to know of one (thought of an object) but the Self does not go through this process.
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