When I committed myself to two pilates and one yoga class a week I did it as part of my goal to be healthier. It's often said that yoga practice brings you into the present moment, which decreases stress and brings a sense of peace and harmony. Breathing techniques increase breath control to improve the health and function of body and mind. When someone does yoga on a daily basis the tension in the muscles will reduce and it enhances flexibility and strength, consequently, back pains are prevented or even cured this way.

She also writes about Yoga, Meditation and importance of psychological and spiritual health. Yoga is a union of the organ systems in the body with the consciousness in the mind. Health Benefits Within: From lowering blood pressure to increasing pain tolerance, the following health benefits can all be discovered within the body.

It also helps improve your body posture when you stand, sit, sleep or walk. Even your core area - the middle portion of your body - can be strengthened using an exercise ball and the right exercises. Considering the mixed findings, a bit of common sense is helpful: If you go to a class mainly focuses on relaxation and doesn't elevate your heart rate, you're probably not getting a good cardio workout or building muscles.

The overall consensus is that yoga has many positive effects on mental health that go beyond the effects of other low- to-medium-impact physical activity and these effects are likely due to chemical changes in the brain (Grazioplene, 2012). Yoga will improve your flexibility and help you go beyond your normal range of movement, which may make performing your daily activities easier.

High blood pressure ( hypertension ): Many people believe that practicing yoga can help lower blood pressure by teaching breathing techniques and reducing stress. The deeper you go into yoga practice, the more profound its benefits will be. An eight-week yoga regimen Atman improved hand pain, tenderness and finger range of motion in the participants.

The increased flow of oxygen to brain and muscle tissues that results from the breathing and movement of yoga also help improve energy levels and general feelings of well-being, making it easier to deal with physical pain. The term hatha" refers to any yoga that uses a series of basic posturing and breathing exercises.
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