To understand Brahman, the ONE without second, we first need to understand its changeless existence throughout the universe. Brahman is beyond the senses, beyond the mind, beyond intelligence, beyond imagination. Hinduism believes that there is merely one premier supreme called "Brahman". That which one does not think with the mind , that by which, they say, the mind is thought , know That alone to be Brahman, and not this (non-Brahman) which is being worshipped.

Since Self realization the Advaitins regard Brahman to be the Ultimate Truth, so in comparison to Brahman, every other thing, including the material world, its distinctness, the individuality of the living creatures and even Ishvara (the Supreme Lord) itself are all untrue.

Brahmans very in color from very light grey or red to almost black. The Upanishads consider the Brahman the only actual worthwhile goal in life and ultimately one should aim to become it as it is the means and an end in and of itself to ultimate knowledge, immortality, etc.

Brahmans are intelligent, inquisitive and shy. Since it is beyond human comprehension, it is without any attributes, for assigning attributes to it would be distorting the true nature of Brahman. God is everything- the ALL, the Brahman, and includes the characteristic of being 'impersonal'.

And even during the period of the Bhakti movement, when the path of devotion assumed unparalleled importance in the medieval Hindu society, Brahman was somehow not made the center of direct worship in the form of Brahman as such. It is said that Brahman cannot be known by material means, that we cannot be made conscious of it, because Brahman is our very consciousness.
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