Advaita Vedanta does not say that we should not earn or enjoy but enjoy it with the conscious thought that you're part of this world and nothing is permanent except the Self in you. This Immensity Brahman is beyond the comprehension of any of this transcendental Being there issues forth the first form of Godhead known as the Para-Vāsudeva in a subtle form with twoarms, crystal in complexion and clad in yellow garments. This is said to be the purest state of existence of Brahman and is a part of Advaita metaphysics.

From our accumulated capital of karma (consequences of karma), also called 'Sanchita karma' (net fructifying results of our thoughts and actions) that decides the form and the place we are born in. When this prarabdha karma is exhausted, the individual jivan leaves the body and is reborn in a new body, again based on the accumulated thoughts and actions, including from the current life.

Brahmán (masculine gender) on the other hand, nowadays replaced by brahmin, is a priest, one of the Brahmin caste (brahmin formerly being the adjective relating to brahman). Fordyce et al. (1988) found that Brahman cross cattle become more agitated during restraint than Shorthorns.

Brahma (ब्रह्म) (nominative singular), brahman (ब्रह्मन्) (stem)(neuter gender ) means "growth", "development", "swelling"; and then "pious utterance", "worship", perhaps via the idea of saying during prayers and ceremonies that God or the deities are great.

Since the mind could only comprehend and derive inspiration in a language that it can understand and interpret, the Saguna Brahman, Iswara in the form of various manifestations became the object of devotion and personal worship. In this also, God has created the universe and all humans, but they were created out of God himself, out of His own Divine substance.

I call him a brahman who does not cling to sensual pleasures like the water drops on a lotus leaf, or in whom jealousy, pride, craving, and aversion do not stick, like a mustard seed on the tip of a needle, who has ended sorrow in this life and has thrown off all his burden, who is of deep wisdom, learned, who knows what is the path and what is not the path, is honest, who is neither attached to householders nor to those who have left home for the homeless life, who neither kills any being, nor instigates others to kill, who is peaceful amongst adversaries, without any stick amongst those armed with sticks, a non-hoarder amongst hoarders, who is respectful, and whose words are sweet and true, words that never hurt Deva others, a person so qualified I call a brahman.
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