Advaita Vedanta does not say that we should not earn or enjoy but enjoy it with the conscious thought that you're part of this world and nothing is permanent except the Self in you. In more recent years Brahman cattle have spread considerably from their initial locations and are now found widely through the United States. This absolute reality at the base of the existence of the world is Brahman. Others hold that Brahman is manifested as a personal force, such as through anthropomorphic gods or goddesses.

Videha Mukti is the one who realizes Brahman but for others he is a realized soul, only after he leaves Makers Makings the body. In Brahman cattle glycogenosis type II results in early-onset signs of poor growth and neurologic dysfunction. In the Advaita school, the mystic phrase that is seen to be the only possible (and still thoroughly inadequate) description of Brahman that humans, with limited minds and being, can entertain is Sacchidananda.

However, while God is the Lord of Maya and she (ie, Maya) is always under his control, living beings (jīva, in the sense of humans) are the servants of Maya (in the form of ignorance). He is Brahman to the followers of the path of knowledge, Paramatman to the yogis, and Bhagavan to the lovers of God.

Brahman: the totality of the cosmos; the (non-anthropomorphic) monad; Ultimate Reality, i.e., that which lies behind the veil of maya (useful illusion). This Absolute, which forms the basis of all the phenomena of this world, is the only permanent reality in the world.

The Ultimate reality remains Brahman and nothing else. The consciousness itself, the way we have been moving in other directions, have been like people think that if a woman starts fighting for her life and then she is asserting the femininity. Finally it disappears and the aspirant goes into samadhi This is the Knowledge of Brahman.
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