Through the incredibly great Indian History, Mathematics has always occupied the finest place in India's scientific heritage. If you can understand this wisdom, you have understood Existence or Reality or SCOGOSTOLOGY-SCOGOSTOLOGISM-GALAHUMANISM and what the ancient Taoist Spiritually Enlightened masters called the Yin and Yang of life or the Ida and Pingala in Yoga system, or Male and Female, Man and Woman, Anima and Animus ( in Carl Jung's school of analytical psychology) , or God and Devil of organized religions or electron and proton of Physics or positive and negative poles of magnetism or positive and negative charges of electricity.

The Tantra, written as a dialogue between the Hindu God, Shiva and his wife Shakti; and the Hatha, a comprehensive and in-depth writing on the elements of Yoga, were complied. From the original religion of the ancient Indians, Brahmanism subsequently developed, where the Vedas were included.

Also at no stage, the Buddha denounced two pillars of Hinduism namely the Vedas and the Brahmin cult. Book nine of the Rigveda, which is often called the Soma Mandala, contain elements that were inherited from the pre-vedic period of the common Indo-Iranian society.

Moreover, details of planets in form of Gods can all be found in the Rigveda. When Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras 2,000 years ago and suggested reading the sacred texts, I'm sure he was referring to the writings of the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata and Ranayana and possibly even Buddha's Four Noble Truths.

For instance it is held that the Vedas are a self-existent, eternal revelation made manifest to ancient sages and that their correct recitation ensures superhuman results. Hinduism has a following of one billion people and yet many of its traditions are barely known outside India.

The Lord also declares that he is the sapidity in water, luster in the moon and the sun, the syllable OM in all the vedas, sound in ether and enterprise in man, the smell of the earth, the brightness in fire, life in all beings and austerity in the ascetics in sages.

The third basic Veda is known as the Samaveda and is the ancient core of Hindu scriptures. Feel free your property near SAINT-JEAN-DE-VEDAS. Modern numerology also includes early Christa inanity, early Gnostic's, the Kabbalah, Eastern Vedas, "Circle of the Dead" from China and the " Book of the Master of the Secret House" from Egypt.
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