For many people living in small inner city apartments finding suitable storage for all of their possessions is an ongoing problem. Rectangular coffee tables have traditionally been the most popular but they are far from the only option. Remember also to incorporate different elevations, depending on your coffee table's shape, size, and the overall surface space. The metal is the protagonist of the coffee table Cheese by Paola Navone while the essential lines of the tables Edge and Yard by Paolo Piva respect a traditional, yet modern concept of beauty.

There is no right standard when it comes to coffee tables, there isn't a standard height, width, or length when it comes to coffee tables. The rustic wood added a lot of texture to the space, the two tiers made it perfect for housing accessories the client had collected throughout her travels, and the size was right.

That's why there are so many different coffee tables in materials, shapes, sizes and colors. We personally fall hard for Waterfall tables. Most of these modern wooden coffee tables have their base in metal and with the top made of wood. We love to offset straight lines of furniture with a natural, organically shaped tree stump coffee table.

The first options in game coffee tables are those that have old games that you know and love like chess and backgammon. The Volta will update your living space to help you an adult in style. If you have two rounded or curved sofas, a circular or oval coffee table usually works best.

Depending on the size of your room, we've got a variety of coffee tables to choose from, including a round coffee table , square coffee table and oval coffee tables Our tables make the perfect perch for decorative serving trays, or even board games for when you have a game night with friends.
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