Thousands of stores. If you've waited till the last minute and absolutely have to buy a gift card in a retail store, look for those kept behind the counter or in well-sealed packaging, Henderson says. Arch Card purchases are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. If you choose to set up Auto-Reload on a schedule, the first Auto-Reload will be applied to your Gift Card Balance on the delivery date you select and the consecutive Auto-Reloads will occur according to the frequency you choose.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns of gift card scammers who try to convince you to pay bills with gift cards (or even pretend to be the IRS requesting them). To make online purchases, you must assign a ZIP Code to your card. These prepaid cards make wonderful and flexible gifts, and you can purchase them with your credit card at just about any U.S. retailer.

When contacting us please provide your name, your card account number and the last four digits of your home phone number. After the first purchase of the goods and write-off of the purchase price is activated target visa gift card balance check. It's not just gift cards.

I start reading him the last 4 digits of the card and he asks to see it. Suddenly, the same guy that didn't know how to load an American Express prepaid card 10 seconds ago is reciting the latest store policy: You can't pay with a gift card." I told him I was aware that you can't pay with a Target gift card (every cashier makes it a point to say that before ringing me up), but he calls his colleague over.

The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express offers a whopping 6% cash back at U.S. grocery stores — many of which sell gift cards that work at various retail and online stores. A Gift Card ordered online can be loaded with any value between $5.00 and $500.00. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or recharged with additional value.
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