Many American members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints feel very strongly about the founding of the United States. Throughout history, various governments have invoked patriotic feelings to support military aggression, arbitrary imprisonment of aliens, and even murder, acts considered evil by most individuals. Record-low American patriotism is the latest casualty of the sharply polarized political climate in the US today," Gallup noted.

Also it should be noted it was an American black soldier from the 369th that was the first to be awarded the French War Cross, the Croix de Guerre. Many believe that the surge in patriotism enabled a number of major changes in national policy. One of the things that I like in programs to teach patriotism is to always start the program with the scouts posting the Colors of the United States of America.

I believe this also occurs when people are forced to sing the National Anthem at sporting events. Traditionally patriotism comprises a love, loyalty, defense, sacrifice and support of one's country. For its proponents, republican language is thus a viable alternative to current liberal foundationalism, ethnic nationalism, and strong patriotic arguments.

The American flags are produced across the street, in a cavernous workroom with sewing machines, industrial equipment and ceiling-high shelves stacked with cakes of nylon. For Love of Country: An Essay on Patriotism and Nationalism. Even in the early days when the Mormons were kicked out of their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois and went West to leave the United States behind they continued to celebrate the birth of the United Sates and demonstrated patriotism.

26The films Wenders directed during his first extended sojourn in the United States have been categorized under three groups in order to come to terms with the disappointment regarding the shortcomings of the American dream." All of these categories root the response in the specific German cultural experience after World War II. The first approach follows the thesis of cultural imperialism as an object of criticism.
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